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My First Cake Smash

I've been running my photography business for about a year and a half now. Things are going well and I have been having so much fun! I received a message a couple of months ago from a sweet girl, who's name is also Brooke. She booked me to shoot a cake smash session for her daughter, Peyton, who at the time was about to turn one. I decided it might be nice to share my experience with everyone.

I had seen so many cake smash photos on Pinterest but had never shot one myself. I was super excited and jumped at the opportunity! We booked the date and discussed the theme. We would be working with shades of purple and teal to go along with Peyton's mermaid party.

I quickly began brainstorming ideas for how I would set everything up. I decided to use a wood backdrop to give the photos a ship-like feel. I used tissue paper to make pom poms to place on the floor around where Peyton would sit. I stumbled across these cute purple circle garlands at Hobby Lobby and they made me think of bubbles. I hung them in front of the backdrop to add more interest and depth to the photos.