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I appreciate you stopping in. I'd like to share a little about myslef! My name is Brooke Parker. I was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. I am a Leicester native, which is located just outside of Asheville.


My interest in photography sparked when I was a teenager, around 2002. I used to take a little point and shoot camera out to the pasture and photograph my horses with it. I found it so relaxing and I enjoyed expressing my creativity through the lens. For years, photography was only a hobby. Back then, I never dreamed that it would ignite into a full-time career. 

On Easter morning in 2005, I gave my heart to Christ and accepted Him as my Savior. Several years after I got saved, I began playing guitar and singing at our church. Today, my family is very heavily involved with ministry and my husband is a preacher. We are passionate about serving God and sharing His love with others.
In 2008 I graduated college with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Medical Technology. It was in that same year that I married my sweet husband, Brent. I spent 7 years working as a Licensed Veterinary Technician at several local veterinary clinics. Although it was a wonderful experience, I couldn't help but to feel that God had a greater plan and purpose for my life. I wanted so badly to put my creativity and artistic abilities to good use. I didn't want to see these God-given talents go to waste. 
In 2014 God blessed us with our son, Tanner. He had certainly given me more of a purpose than I could have ever imagined! I was blessed to be able to stay at home and raise our son (which was a full-time job in itself for sure). Although being a stay-at-home mother was wonderful, I still missed having a career and being able to contribute to the family financially.


It was in 2015 that I felt lead to take my passion for photography to the next level. With the support and encouragement of my husband and family, I enrolled in a beginning digital photography course at our local community college. From there, I took one-on-one lessons at a photography studio in Asheville. With those courses and lessons as my foundation, and after much prayer and seeking God's will for my life, I decided to pursue photography as a profession. 


As I expected, business started out slowly. It took a while to build my clientele up enough to consider photography a steady source of income. I am blessed to say that I have been full-time and running a thriving photography business for over 9 years now! 
So here I am today, getting to put my artistic talents to use and loving every minute of it! I know that God isn't finished and He has great plans for the future of Brooke Parker Photography!

My Studio Space


I began learning the art of studio photography in 2017. For a couple of years, I offered studio sessions in a rustic building located at my parents' property. After being there for a couple of years, my husband and I realized that my studio bookings were greatly increasing. I was at a point where I felt that I would benefit from having my own personal space, located on our own property.

In the spring of 2019 we decided that we would begin construction of the new studio. It would be located on our property, beside our home. We spent the entire summer working on the project. I moved in to the new space later that year on October 4th.

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